CRM988 is a leading CRM solution provider

In addition to CRM solutions, we also provide other IT consulting Services.

CRM988 offers variety of pre-built solutions, along with the ability to customize the software with client's requirements.

Our System

Our CRM is a web developed for multi-industry, making it easy-to-use and abilitiy to work collaboratively across the globe.


Our CRM integrated with powerful tools like power BI, our bulit in Data Mining capibility, and advanced and seemless integration for most of any systems.


Our CRM is also comes with mobile app for all iOS devices (8.0+), and all Android devices (6.0+), providing easy access for sales/managers on the go.


Our CRM not only supports basic functionaliteies, but company managers can easily customize the system to suite thier companies' needs.


Dynamic dashboards are built-in for both Salespersons and managers.

Filter reports by mode, by origin / destination, by industry and more in real-time.

Advanced API Integration

In addition to basic CRM, we provide integration with your back-end Operations system), Quoting and Document Management,Email Campaign marketing and any other IT issues or challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is CRM988?

CRM988 Inc. is a industry leading software, and consulting services provider for freight forwarders, importer/exports.


What is CRM Portal?

CRM Portal is an cloud based CRM system that integrates all essential applications into one platform or ease of access, and to boost your productivity.


What integration services does CRM Portal provide?

We provide variety ways to integrate with your systems, such as Restful API for a seamless integration.


What are some services that you provide?

We provide Professional consulting services, including IT solutions.


Is CRM Portal safe?

Yes, we value our customers' data, and we keep all your information safe. When you use our system, all data is encypted using 4096 bit certificate and securely transmitted to your trading partners via secured channels.

What our clients Says

"Excellent CRM system, very easy and flexible to customize."

Tim Chan

- Software Implementation Specialist

"We were looking for a good CRM system that is cost effective and ease of use, CRM Portal fits both requirements. It is super easy to use and requires minimum training, unlike other systems on the market that require extensive user trainings!"

Macro Aristeo

System Support

"CRM988 is really experienced in industry, we received professional services in IT infrastructures and system designes from their senior engineers team, very responsible and great support!"

Aditya Shah

Client Solutions

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